Pratibimb 2017 – A Group Photography Exhibition by Indore Photographers Community in Indore

Pratibimb 2017 – A Group Photography Exhibition by Indore Photographers Community in Indore

Photo by Sankalp Kulkarni
Indore Photographers Community started as an informal group of 10-12  Hobby Photographers from Indore who came in contact with each other through internet (orkut and flickr) and conducted their first photowalk together in 2009, which has now grown to a whooping 30000+ members, making it the largest group of Photographers in Central India. The most unique aspect of this group is that People from various professions, who share their love for Photography, learn from each others’ enriching experiences in their separate genres, through regular Photo Slide shows, Workshops, Exhibitions and Photo walks. The members believe in mutual learning experiences and not profiteering, so all events are free of charge for all those who strive to learn.
Pratibimb 2017- A Group Photography Exhibition by Indore Photographers Community (fondly known and referred to as IPC) , is one such initiative to enhance mutual learning and bonding among fellow photographers.
Pratibimb 2017 showcases the work of 22 Photographers all from different walks of life, age groups and Professions, who see the world with their own perspective. The best part for any spectator is the chance to see things from the eyes of the Photographer and have a glimpse into their exciting lives, travel stories and experiences. The Participating Photographers would all be there to meet and greet you and have a gala time with you.

The exhibition would start on 15 September 2017 from 4 PM to 8 PM at Pritamlal Dua Art Gallery, Indore and continue over the weekend on 16 and 17 September from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Participants of Pratibimb 2017 are

 Brief information about the participants of Pratibimb 2017

Asif Ansari
Asif Ansari is a software professional and a hobby photographer, he loves to click landscapes, portraits and abstract. His specialty is his sense of composition and use and placement of elements in the pictures.

Raj Rajeshwar Soni
I’m a hobby photographer and now my hobby has transformed in to profession. I’m much obsessed to light and try to understand it’s aspects in pictures and digital photography. People, street, landscape and portraits are my favourite subjects. I do it out of sheer passion and that’s the sole reason for me to be a photographer in the first place.

Amresh Mishra
For me photography is the medium to celebrate what i have accomplished and to preserve maximum. I am HR professional specialized in Recruiting and work for Yash Technologies as General Manager. Photography, Nature, Travel, Wild life and my professional work are my passions. I love to live with nature and capture anything and everything related to mother nature under the sun. Birds entices me most which i tried to capture through my gadgets.

Sanjay Sidhaye
I am a video editor/photographer. I believe in telling stories through my pictures. Pictures of love, faith, jubilation & inspiration. The lens becomes my eyes, as i capture moments that define our lives.

Chetan Airan
I am a practicing doctor. Being close to nature, going in wild , photographing birds and nature gives me lot of relaxation and fulfillment.

Dhawal Bumb
Architect turned photographer, also a frequent traveller. Buildings and landscapes amaze me the post, and that is often evident in my photographs. Photography to me is meditation, my path to peace.

Sanjay Gujrati
I am a Medicine practitioner by profession. I feel pleasure in the pathless woods, rupture in the lovely shore, I love society where no one intrudes, by the deep sea and the music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more.

Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan is one of the Founders of Indore Photographers Community. He is a freelance web design professional. Finding time from his work he focuses his energy pursuing his passion in Wildlife and Nature Photography. He is also trying his hands in teaching and mentoring these days.

Arjav Upadhyay
He is a structural engineer by profession but pursuing photography as a hobby from last 12 years. His favorite subjects are landscapes, wildlife and macro.

Girish Alawa
Photography is a way to express myself. The wild lands and jungles with their varied flora and fauna fill with wonder and a spiritual calm at the same time. I love to share space with wild animals even a short time while clicking and observing them. What started as a hobby some 8 years back, has now become a retreat from my hectic schedule as a wedding photographer. This love for the outdoors has lead to many excursions in the forests of Kanha, Bandhavghar, Pench, Panna, Ranthambore etc. I believe each forest has its own beauty and a different adventure to offer on every visit.

Aishwary Mehta
21 Years Old. Completed My Graduation in Biotechnology and Pursuing My Masters in the Same from Maharaja Ranjit Singh College. Amateur Photographer from January 2013. Also likes to Travel and Explore new Realm around the Globe. For me Travelling and Photography is Like Breathing, If I don’t Perform Either for some time I Feel Suffocated. Along with this I’m also a Travel Blogger and a Bibliophile under the Name ‘The Fugitive Biker’.

Sourabh Dubey
It’s Sourabh A. Dubey Born and brought up in Dewas, I am a nature photographer, I love my work and everything come with it. Behind the lens is an explorer, love exploring places meeting people and narrating stories through capturing the beauty of nature .

Akash Nagar
Founder and Director of The Tiger Safari A wildlife photographer by profession, he has an unfailing eye for unique perspectives. He has been capturing the nature up close in its pristine purity, since over 8 years. His knowledge of natural history and photographic expertise is unsurpassed, earning him a respectable position among the eminent wildlife photographers of India. His portrayal of nature and the wilderness has been accredited in almost all the leading Wildlife magazines and journals.

Deepak Patel
I don’t know which came first, my love for photography or the art’s acceptance of me. It was love at first sight, a hobby turned to passion and then profession. Photography gives a meaning to my life, a purpose to my Camera and a Spectacle to the world.

Tushar Thakur
When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence – Ansel Adams. The quote above truly defines itself. We can see the clear skies with our naked eyes and the fresh air can only be felt, but the nature can be captured forever. This is what my passion for photography depicts. I always had that fierce connect with the drama of nature. I’ve been passionate about the nature and wildlife anything which comes in my way. What I deeply feel is, we can always capture the memories or moments which can be cherished life long.

Aditi Bhandari

I am studying dentistry and I do photography as a hobby.Photography makes me happy. I don’t capture things and objects,I try to capture emotions.  A picture is a poem in itself. It gives meaning to the things which cant be put into words. The world is a beautiful place but photography makes the world a bit more beautiful.  Through the lens of my camera i can see a whole new world which looks more colourful to me than the real world and i want to capture more and more colours and moments and freeze them in time. They say that change is the only thing constant in the world but a picture is something that does not change,even if the world around it changes everyday.


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